WoPhO questions

World Physics Olympiad (WoPhO) was organized two times at Indonesia in 2011 and 2012. Main idea of the WoPhO was to create a challenging competition for those who previously won silver🥈 and gold🥇 medals at APhO or IPhO

(photo is taken from https://www.facebook.com/WoPho/)

Unfortunately annual organizing of WoPhO was discontinued due to a lack of funding, as well as its official website wopho.org is not functioning anymore. However, problems presented at those Olympiads are worth sharing for preparation to APhO/IPhO. Following problems were presented at the Final round of WoPhOs:

🥢 Motion of a rolling rod is a very interesting mechanics problem. Before attempting to solve that problem, it is recommended to go through “Zero mass (almost)”

🚅 Why Maglev trains levitate is mostly dedicated to magnetism, with application of Faraday’s law and knowledge of how to deal with equations of waves

🌴 Mirage is linear optics problem. There an author makes analogies with the Mechanics for characterizing mirage quantitavely phenomena of mirage

🧲 Magnetic monopole is an original mix of electrostatics, magnetism and some fundamentals of quantum mechanics

🔥 Physics of the oil and gas production describes uncommon phenomena with the laws of physics, where mostly can be leveraged some similarity with the Fourier’s law of heat transfer

🌪 Tornado consists of mix of mechanics and thermodynamics

Official solutions to all those problems are presented in separate category "***WoPhO solutions". It is highly recommended not to waste those problems by simply reading solutions. The most efficient way of using those problems is to set 2 hour timer⏳, solve as much as you can and only then compare your results with the official solution. Enjoy😋